Tas (ACD-Wisconsin) rehomed in Minnesota (May 2006)

Tas is a 7 year old blue male ACD from Wisconsin. His life changed when his family went through a divorce. They realized that he wasn’t getting enough attention because they were away from home for long hours. They decided that it would be best to find him a new home. When they contacted me, I asked them to be patient until I could find a place for him to go. I knew that if they took him to a shelter, he would be much less likely to find a happy home.Fortunately, his family waited for two months while I found him another option. At the end of May, volunteers helped transport Tas to Minnesota along with Chase (Fred). Homeward Bound in Minnesota took him into a foster family.

In July, Tas was adopted by someone who had previously had ACDs. The last one was Rocket who died of cancer in May of 2006. He was only 5 when he died and it was very hard for them. They didn’t think they would be able to have another dog after Rocky for a long time but they soon discovered how lonely they were without their beloved dog. After a couple of months they started looking at the Homeward Bound website and ACD websites and eventually found Tas. They really felt that they were meant to have him (and I do too since Tas arrived in Minnesota just after Rocky died). They didn’t think too many other people would want a 7 year old ACD.

They went to visit and learned of his ball playing abilities and his sweet temperament and they were sold. They took him home the same day and he has been everything they hoped. He has helped fill that lonely place in their hearts where Rocket once lived and still does live on. Tas has fit right in. He loves their 12 acres and being able to wander around, play ball, follow the tractor and help garden. He has a little trouble with the gardening bit as he is rather heavy footed but he is learning where to walk.

They also take him to the lake in the summer and he loves to chase his ball and swim in the water. They went up north to a friends cabin and at the end of the weekend they had to go in the lake and drag him out to go home. He loves the water.

They know that Tas’ first owners must have loved him very much because he is a very well adjusted, trusting, and loving dog. They are so happy that we helped get him to them. Another happy ending! Isn’t Tas handsome?

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