ACDRA and Cow Dog Art

Monday was relatively dry outside. I sat outside and watched the Australian Properties classes. I met Melissa and Christy from ACDRA, the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association. They were selling items to benefit their rescue group. It was fun to meet them in person after corresponding with them in the past. It’s nice to put the faces with the names. I bought a braided tug toy for Bandit.

My friend JoLynne who I had gotten to know better at last year’s national, had arrived and was entered in the Properties classes. It was fun to see her again too.

I was sitting on the tailgate of my truck when an unfamiliar woman came by. It was Jenny of I had e-mailed her earlier about possibly sharing a booth and she recognized my books. Her dog had just won first place in the “Altered” class and she was pretty excited. We got to talking and I promised to stop by her booth. She offered to put a couple of my books on display there.

I liked Jenny’s carvings a lot. I bought a carving of a red ACD that she painted to match Bandit’s markings and a carved sheep for my sister for her birthday. I later bought a plaque with an ACD profile and coat hook. We got to talking and I found out that Jenny lives near Oconomowoc, WI, not far from my home town of Madison. I had assumed that she was from the east coast, and here she was from Wisconsin! She told me that her brother lives in Belleville, WI, near where I recently bought land. Small world! 

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