My Library Dog

Tuesday was Chase’s library day. It was so inspiring to see the kids read to him. Even over the summer, some of them have improved so much. I love to see kids get excited about books. When many adults don’t read books any more, it’s good to see a younger generation being inspired by them. One little girl who is new to the program got very excited when she learned that after reading to Chase 8 times, she will get to choose her very own book to take home. I heard her tell her mom that she will get to take the book home and won’t even have to bring it back to the library! She was so excited.

I’m also very grateful to the librarian for getting this program going and continuing to promote it. Two of our regular kids are back and both have improved their confidence in their reading. Chase showed his appreciation for their reading by lying on his back with all 4 feet in the air! (Actually, he listens best that way, with his eyes closed, with no visual distractions.) He finds the most appropriate way to reach each child. If they’re comfortable with him leaning in, he does that. Or sometimes he will just put his paw on their leg, or touch the bottom of his foot to the bottom of their foot.


The kids are also learning about dogs. One little girl said that Chase is the only dog she isn’t afraid of (he must sense this because he bows in front of her instead of standing over her), and she wants to get a dog. Later she remarked that ‘having a dog is a big responsibility’, something she must have been told at home. Part of her reading curiosity is to read and learn about different dog breeds.

One middle aged man stopped to pet Chase, and I recognized him. He has stopped by on Chase’s library day before. I don’t know if this is coincidence or whether he also comes to see Chase, but Chase seeks him out now to say hi. He asked why Chase had bald patches and I told him about the cancer treatment. He asked how recently it was and seemed genuinely concerned about Chase. And Chase seemed to genuinely care about him too. I feel like I’m a student following along on this little dog’s mission, and learning from him along the way.

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