From Wallflower to Social Butterfly

I haven’t written much lately because I’ve been busy with the business of launching a book and putting together a new website. But I want to mention how much Cay has come out of her shell lately and learned from the other dogs. She has learned to retrieve the ball and bring it back to me. She comes over to me and seeks my attention, pushing to be petted. This is quite a change from the scared little dog who wouldn’t look me in the eye. She now sits at my feet too and lets me scratch her with my bare foot.

When I have to work and be away from home all day, Lisa our dog walker comes over around lunch time and lets the dogs out. They go potty, exercise, and play ball. Lisa has commented lately how Cay is interacting with her more, seeking her attention and bringing the ball back to her. Lisa has noticed this too! Cay has been here for almost 4 months and she continues to develop and change.

Cay seems to be backsliding a bit by having some accidents in the house lately. I think I need to begin watching her more carefully again. I’m trying to figure out if it’s mainly mental or partly a physical problem. I’m remembering the vet tech’s comment that dogs whose tail has been docked too short can have incontinence issues.

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