The Spirit and Love Live On

At, they recently asked the question: “Have you had an afterlife sense of a pet’s presence?” Here is my response:

My dog Rainbow died suddenly and very unexpectedly. I wasn’t prepared to lose her at the young age of 4 ½. Not long after she passed on, I found a feather that displayed her markings—red with black highlights on one end, and white spots on a red background on the other. The feather looked so much like Rainbow that I took it as a sign from her that she was okay. I had never seen a feather like that before. Later I learned that it came from a wild turkey.

My friend Sharon offered to make a beaded amulet bag for the “Rainbow” feather. I wanted a cobalt blue bag, with rust, black and white beads. When Rainbow’s ashes arrived, much to my amazement, they were in a cobalt blue velveteen bag—another sign, perhaps.

Rainbow had a tremendous presence. After her passing, she continued to visit me. I felt her presence very powerfully and sometimes I wondered if I was losing my mind. I had worked with local animal communicators, but had not experienced communication from an animal like this before. One of the communicators who Rainbow had met was also “visited” by her after her passing, even though this woman had not seen her for a long time and had not yet been told of her death. Two other friends also reported “visits” from Rainbow. Her presence was very strong and hard to ignore, and opened new intuitive doors for me. Had I not kept an open mind, I might have missed these messages.

For a while after my foster dog Kate passed on, I saw the most amazing things each day — different creatures that behaved unusually for wild animals. One morning I saw a woodpecker that I have not seen before or since, along the route that Kate and I used to walk. She had Kate’s red head and black/white body. She followed my dog Chase and me and stayed very close, then watched us from a dead tree. The next morning a lone doe walked very slowly all the way across the south yard, and on across the front yard. That afternoon, when I returned home from work, a lone turkey walked slowly across the front yard. The next morning while we were on our walk, a doe peered at me over the far fence. Even though Chase was with me, she stayed still until we got very close. She watched me for a long time, as I returned her gaze. I made eye contact and she looked right back into my eyes, steady as can be. The next day it was a blue jay. Each time, I saw a lone creature in a place at a time that I hadn’t seen that creature before, or since. Each one lingered much longer than a wild animal normally would, and looked me in the eye.

All of these creatures gave me the feeling that Kate was present. It was like she was a shape shifter, taking different forms to follow me, to let me know that she was watching over me and was all right. Rainbow had first made me think about shape shifting, and now Kate appeared to be doing it. You may think that I was sleep-deprived and hallucinating, but I think they were really there with me.

Excerpted from the book: 8State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog

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