Here’s to a Humane NFL-Free Future for Michael Vick

Ok, I’m trying to think positively here. I remember hearing that Mother Theresa would not protest against anything, she chose to rally for what she wanted. Like she wouldn’t protest war, but she would rally for peace. So here’s my thinking. I’m all for Michael Vick truly repenting and throwing himself totally into humane education. I would love to see him work full time to educate against dogfighting and other forms of animal cruelty. Forget the NFL. He has more important things to do.I would love to see him with a TV show exposing animal cruelty and educating people about proper care of animals. Forget partnering with the HSUS—that will just degrade his credibility even further. How about a TV show with all of the proceeds going to Best Friends and Bad Rap to repay all other costs of caring for the Vicktory dogs? And once those costs are covered, he continues the show and just keeps giving back. I think that, along with a permanent retirement from the NFL, just might show that his heart is in the right place and that he gets it now.

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