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On Saturday I went to a Wisdom Horse Coaching Demo. “What is ‘Wisdom Horse Coaching’?” you may ask. It’s a program in which horses mirror back energy patterns and blind spots that, once discovered, free up stuck energy and untapped potential. This unique program was founded by two women who are certified life and executive coaches and experienced horsewomen.

Horses are very aware of their environment because they are prey animals. They’re not lost in their heads like we are much of the time. They can reflect back a person’s energy and hesitation or willingness to move forward on something. Horses are non-judgmental, living in the moment, and reflect back what is projected to them without a stake in the answer.In the demo, first three individuals each worked with a horse on an issue that the person was trying to work through. Then a horse helped facilitate a team exercise with a group of seven people. This is hard to describe in writing, but the horses brought new insights to each person involved. It really works!

I had horses when I was a kid, but haven’t been around them as much as an adult. After attending a Noah’s Wish training session in April, where we trained with some horses, I had a desire to spend more time around horses again.

At the coaching session on Saturday, I noticed how little some of the participants knew about herd animals and thought about how much is instinctual to me about these animals because I spent a lot of time around them as a kid. The herd mentality of moving in the same direction, of teamwork, doesn’t come naturally to some people. The instinct that standing in front of an animal and facing it might stop it, even while you’re trying to coax it forward, seemed foreign to some. I also realized how much my cattle dog Bandit has taught me by getting me involved in the herding world. I have learned how to read and interact with sheep, goats, cattle, and ducks because of Bandit. I’m also around many more species on a regular basis than most people. In the past two months, I’ve been around dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and ducks. I’ve also observed deer, coyotes, turkeys, pheasants, bluebirds, cardinals, and many other bird species in my home environment. I feel fortunate to have all of these creatures in my life.

I think about how so many people now live in the city and never interact with other species. Some don’t even often interact with other people, preferring to sit in front of a TV or computer screen. Not being in touch with the natural world around us can have devastating effects, like not understanding or caring about other people or other species. I can’t help but wonder whether the criminal cruelty of Michael Vick and other animal abusers doesn’t stem from a lack of understanding and compassion for other species (although in some cases I’m sure it’s more than that and is a pathological condition).

At any rate, I plan to spend more time among the horses to share in their companionship and wisdom. You can learn more about Wisdom Horse Coaching, LL: Equine Guided Education for Leadership and Life at

When I arrived at the registration table for the demo, I noticed the books and other products on display. There were packs of Touched by a Horse cards for daily inspiration (by Melisa Pearce, A set of the cards was laid out randomly on the table, with the horse picture on the top and a printed message on the bottom side of each card. While waiting for the demo to begin, I had time to look at a few of the cards. First I picked up a card that when turned over read “Infinite Power” and read the description, which was a great fit for me. I turned it back over and returned it to the middle of the pile. The second card that I chose read “Clearing”. Yep, that definitely fit me too. It was almost eerie. After reading the description, I turned the card back over and returned it to the pile. The third card that I chose read “Ready to Pull”. Yep, all three were great fits for me at this time in my life, and in combination with each other. I was astounded. I turned the third card back over and returned it to the middle of the pile. The demo was about to begin.

After the demo, I was still thinking about the cards. I decided to buy a set, not only for the messages, but for the beautiful artwork on the front of each card. Here’s the astounding part of this story. When I went back to buy the cards, “Infinite Power”, “Clearing” and “Ready to Pull” were all turned message side up. They were the only cards with the message facing me and they were the same three that I had picked earlier. Remember, I had left them picture side up, shoved back into the middle of the haphazard pile. This seemed like a pretty strong message to me, and gave me goose bumps! The wisdom of the horses, indeed!

I bought the pack of cards and as I was driving home couldn’t remember that one of them was “Clearing”, although I remembered the other two. I think that “Clearing” is what I’ve been stuck on. Interesting.

Below are the messages from the three cards that I picked:

Infinite Power:

You are about to receive a magnificent vibration. Visualize a wheel of light about you, a circle of light that showers upon you as you make your way through this next time period. From this creative space, as you become more aware of its benefit, you will be able to use all of your productive self. Love is filling your being and you are now basking in the glow of the light. Fully enjoy this part of your journey. It is well earned and will balance some of the challenging times of your past. From this space you can move forward in manifesting your heart’s desire. Seek to remember this feeling and time period so that you may draw upon it when challenges appear again in your future. Trust that this joy will return many times in your journey.


Break out of all negativity or restraints that are about you at this time. You have been held back recently and have gathered strength and energy. You have succeeded in overcoming adversity and will no longer tolerate being held back. Glorious wisdom is now yours. Burst out. Your vibration is at a new peak, calling you to be free and full of fire. Speak up and go against the flow; all that you create will be for the highest good. Ask questions as you burst forth, vowing to use what you have learned for the betterment of all. Use your newfound force and energy to direct change in the most benefic directions.

Ready to Pull:

At times in your life you have had to push forward and have been known to create the energy to make things happen or push them through. At this time however, you are being asked to pull, not push. You will use your strength and move forward in faith at a steady pace, perhaps assisting others who need to have you take the load while they rest. Instead of making things happen, you are asked to allow them to flow and unfold before you as you move ahead in strength and steadiness. Breathe deeply and feel the difference as you take up the slack and quietly move into the next chapter. Discovery of the power of pulling instead of pushing is at hand here.

Look out world! Here I come!

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