Running Ahead of Gustav

Just a quick update because I have to get going. I got onto a flight out today and will be flying to Detroit this afternoon, then to Minneapolis, if all goes well. After I moved my flight up to Saturday last night, I heard that they may close the airport on Sunday, so I was glad that I had moved it up. Always trust your gut. I have limited internet acccess here and am surrounded by people who want to talk to me, so will have to send this off and get going. I have to pack up some books for storage at Canine Culture and then head to the airport.

When I tried to log in and get a boarding pass this morning, my flight to Detroit had been cancelled. That’s when I realized that this could get dicey. But I was then put onto another flight to Detroit a few minutes later. Let’s hope it goes as planned. I’m not sure which will be worse–trying to get out of New Orleans with other frantic people wanting to get out ahead of Gustav, or trying to get into Minneapolis with all the crazy Republicans who are coming into town!

The good news is that there are much better plans this time for evacuating the animals, and they seem to be going well. If you want to help, please consider making donations to these organizations who are working so hard to get the animals out. I will give more info on that later. Be safe!

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