Here We Go Again…NOLA and Gustav

Here in New Orleans there is some panic. The Katrina memorial service, statue unveiling (in memory of the animals that did not survive Katrina), and luncheon went well today. Although some people cancelled, there were still probably about 200 people present. It was fun to see so many wonderful people, but we had mixed emotions, and some people ran out early to get back to helping animals. The LA-SPCA started evacuating animals a couple of days ago. Today the St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter and ARNO asked for help with evacuating. Nobody wants to take chances this time.

The good news is that we are much more organized than before Katrina. Muttshack has refrigerated trucks ready to take animals to pre-organized shelters inland, and trained volunteers ready to help. And all of these people who had planned to be here for the Katrina memorial service are dedicated people. Luckily for the animals, they are here already and willing and able to help. After Katrina, many people vowed “Never Again”, and those people are here, thank God.

It’s not a great time to be selling books, and I may not even sell enough here to pay for my trip. But the books that are going out here are getting into the hands of people who will relate to the story. Taking care of the animals is so much more important. That’s what brought us here in the first place.

I am watching the weather forecasts carefully. I have a rental car and a seat on a flight out on Sunday afternoon. I have an offer to stay with someone on high ground here in New Orleans, a family in Baton Rouge, and a family in Alexandria, if needed. I’ve given this a lot of thought and have asked many people here, and the consensus is that it is best to stay here and catch my Sunday flight. Trying to drive out now could be disastrous and I could get stuck who knows where with no way to get back to catch my flight. The roads are getting busy, although there has been no official evacution order…yet.

I have limited internet access, but will be updating on my blog when I get a chance. Please check here again for updates. How ironic that we are facing this again on the 3rd anniversary of Katrina. Believe me, when I bought my plane tickets a couple of months ago, I thought long and hard about coming here on the Katrina anniversary. It was important to be together with all those people who cared enough about the animals to come down the last time. I hope this time is different.

I only have computer access now in a public place with many distractions. I have so much more to say when I get more time to write later. Stay safe.

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