Back in NOLA

When I drove into New Orleans today, I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of traffic leaving town. But I knew it was Labor Day weekend and thought that perhaps some of that was the usual holiday traffic. After picking up my rental car at the airport, I headed to Canine Culture to pick up books for the Thursday evening and Friday events. I had shipped extra books to Canine Culture, where they are sold. Then I checked in at the Creole Garden Guest house west of downtown New Orleans. I chose them for their friendliness to pets (even though I wasn’t traveling with any of my own), the description in the New Orleans tourist guide, their off-street parking, their beautiful gardens and Annie’s well-known breakfasts.

This evening, I went to Petcetera on Magazine Street for a gelato tasting fundraiser for the LA-SPCA. I had met Lori from the LA-SPCA when I was in NOLA in May and she invited me to this event. I donated $5 per book sold to the LA-SPCA. The lady serving crème brulee gelato samples was named Katrina. Scott of Muttshotz Photography was also in attendance. He took photos of me at my book signing table, including one with Diane, the owner of Petcetera. I still want to purchase a photo from him from the BoW WoW Bingo event in May so that I can post it here. A dog costume contest was held and the winners included a large black lab in a Saints jersey and two small hound mix sisters in lady bug and butterfly costumes. Petcetera has some really neat stuff. I bought a new collar for Cay, who needs a better fitting collar. Once I have photos from this event, I’ll add them here.

Lori told me that the LA-SPCA evacuated their animals already. The Dallas SPCA team came down and took about 100 adoptable animals back to Dallas. Those animals won’t be coming back, but will hopefully find good homes in the Dallas area. Animals that are being held by the LA-SPCA but are not their property (i.e. found strays on hold) were evacuated and will be brought back later. Lori is essential personnel and is planning to stay here during the storm, even after the LA-SPCA animals are evacuated. She needs to be on standby for any animal issues that come up.   

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