Cute ACD Puppies!!

At the end of July, Debbie Foster of the Henderson County Humane Society in Lexington, TN rescued a litter of 7 ACD (red heeler) puppies. She took them to the vet and 3 were diagnosed with coccidia, with the other 4 also vulnerable. She left all 7 pups with the vet to be treated, hoping they would survive. I learned about these pups when Deb asked for help with the vet bills. She estimated then that the puppies were 10-12 weeks old.
The puppies were treated for two days at the vet, then Deb took them home and continued to care for them. All 7 survived and she found a home for one of the puppies. The remaining four girls and two boys were looking for their permanent homes. These beautiful pups were born in June of 2007, are spayed/neutered, have had all their shots and have been de-wormed and treated with Frontline…Deb says they all have sweet temperaments, some are more outgoing and some are more reserved…

March 2008:
Zander, Zennia and Zulu came to foster homes at Homeward Bound Rescue in Minnesota, where Zander and Zennia found new homes. You can see Zulu (aka Cayenne) at this link and read about her in this blog (we are now her foster home):


Zulu (aka Cayenne):


Zane, Zelda and Zahara went to Meet the Pack ACD Rescue in Ontario, where all three found forever homes.




Spring 2008:

I’m happy to report that Zennia, now called Rose, recently found her new home. Her new mom, a veterinarian, reported: “Rose (aka Zennia) is starting to open up, playing with the other dogs, and behaving very well. She had a long walk in the woods yesterday and slept like a baby. I’m hoping some nice clients of mine will see her and fall in love with her so I can direct them to you for her sister or brother! I’ve attached some pictures of Rose in her forever home. Rose (Zennia) in the snow at her new home:

Zane also found his new home and is settling in nicely with his new family:

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