We were able to rescue 3 adult ACDs and 7 puppies from a kill shelter in Kentucky and one ACD-X from a gas kill shelter in Georgia. We are really only able to be successful in situations where we have a contact at or near the shelter who can help us out. I was informed of a situation in Kentucky. A woman who volunteers with the shelter there had gotten vet care for a 1 ½ yo red male, Kenny (now neutered), a 3 yo blue female, Sadie, with a litter of 7 pups, and a young white female with red speckles, Punkin, (all apparently purebreds, except the puppies whose lineage is tbd).

This woman had been watching out for these dogs and had saved them from death row more than once. She wanted to give them a 2nd chance, but didn’t have anywhere for them to go. She was already driving to the Chicago area with a load of dogs going to another rescue group and offered to drive these dogs up.

I made plans for them to join up in Illinois with the transport from Georgia that was coming to MN. In the mean time, they got a break from traveling and were cared for by two generous volunteers, Sheree and Gloria in their own homes in IL.

Unfortunately, it was becoming apparent that the dogs had been exposed to kennel cough. The young male, Kenny, and some of the puppies showed symptoms.

One of the puppies died while at Sheree’s home. I have to say that Sheree gave them the best of care. This pup was much smaller than the others and probably would have died no matter where he was. We rushed to get them all into rescue and to the vet.

In the Georgia situation, my friend Melissa of Death Row Dog rescue (who has a soft spot for ACDs) informed me that this girl, Bonnie, was almost out of time on death row. Melissa has a contact (named Angel!!) who works with that shelter who was able to get over there right away. Even so, they had moved this girl to a holding area on her way to being gassed by the time our contact could get there. We were able to save her, get her vetted, and board her in a loving home for a week until transport to the rescue in MN could be arranged.Sadie and her 6 puppies (who all survived) and Kenny all recovered from their bout with kennel cough and are doing well.

Sadie and her pups are still seeking their forever home. Click here to read about them.

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