(young female ACD-X, Georgia to Minnesota)

December, 2006:

Bonnie was a very scared girl on death row in Georgia. She had been found as a stray on the highway. Angel (from Georgia) informed Melissa (in MN) of Bonnie’s plight. Melissa sent me this photo and Melissa and I decided that we had to get her out.

Melissa and I put up funds and Angel’s mom Brenda went right over to the shelter. Good thing, because Bonnie was being taken to the gas chamber when Brenda got there. Brenda saved her and Melissa and I covered the vet check and boarding for Bonnie for a week. She had been called “Chicky”, which didn’t suit her, so I renamed her Bonnie. Then she was brought to Homeward Bound in Minnesota on a transport from Georgia that included a number of volunteers (thanks especially to Rita and Laura). People from the Australian Cattle Dog list (ACD-L) donated funds to help pay for her transportation. Bonnie went to a Homeward Bound foster home in Minnesota. She had a complete vet check and was spayed. After a couple of weeks, she started to come out of her shell. She showed that loves to play chase and herd, and that she’s a really a smart dog. Here’s her “after” photo:

At the end of December, Bonnie was adopted at a Petco Homeward Bound adoption event. Her new owner had previously adopted a dog from Homeward Bound. He was looking for a dog to run with him, and Bonnie certainly has enough energy for that. I heard that they celebrated New Year’s Eve on the couch at home. A well deserved home, at last!

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