Rude Dogs

This week, Ingrid posted a great link on ACD-L. It was written by Suzanne Clothier and I’m including it here.  (Scroll down to “He Just Wants to Say Hi”.)

There has been an ongoing discussion about people who let their dog jump on or otherwise molest a strange dog without asking permission.

The link explains perfectly how my dog Bandit tries to correct misbehaving dogs, and how their owners usually just don’t get how rude their dog is. Walk into any room and Bandit will immediately pick out which dogs are in control of the “owners” and are most likely to misbehave, even if it isn’t evident to anyone else yet. Fortunately, Bandit and I have an understanding about this and I try to intervene (if needed) so that he doesn’t have to. I’m still astounded though by people who seem to have no clue that their dog is being rude and don’t see the signals that their dog is sending out (like staring constantly at another dog). Bandit has even been jumped on by another dog in the hallway at an obedience trial. Of course, if he tries to correct the offending dog, he will most likely get in trouble! Go to the link and read what Suzanne has to say. It’s good stuff.

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