4th of July

Over the holiday weekend, I took Chase along to visit my family in Wisconsin. Bandit and Cay stayed at my friend Becky’s place in Minnesota. I took Chase along because he had a sore back and I thought he could use some time away from the other dogs to recuperate. He is also a sensitive soul who likes individual attention. I think he has been missing that a bit since Cay has joined our pack.

In some ways, Chase was like a different dog on the trip. He was very quiet, more relaxed than at home, and enjoyed meeting everyone at the family picnic. He loves people and loves attention. He seemed so mellow and didn’t seem to need the amount of exercise it takes to wear him out at home. The social life was enough!

Since Chase has been with me, he’s always looked to Bandit for dog leadership. It was funny to see him not know what to do in some situations–the routine was different on the trip and he was the only dog there.

I always say that Chase is a “good pal”, and he is. He was a great companion on the trip and didn’t seem to need to bark at everything that moved when we were at other people’s house (like he often does at home). What a good kid!

Arriving at home on July 6th, all three dogs seemed glad to be together again and were as loud and gregarious as ever. There was a little bit of pack rivalry in the beginning and then they returned to playing. I could still see the poet in my little buddy Chase though. :-)

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