Cay’s 5th Week of School

It has been a busy week here, to say the least. I have been involved in one way or another with the rescues of three cattle dog types in three different locations. More on that later. Cay’s 5th week of obedience school was mostly more of the same. She has greatly improved her ability to […]

Safe Hands “Thanks and Giving” Reunion and Fundraiser

On Sunday I attended a fundraiser in Minneapolis for Safe Hands Animal Rescue. Safe hands was formed by a group of friends who volunteered in Mississippi, taking care of rescued animals after Katrina. The event was a “Thanks and Giving” reunion of many of the OVER 400 dogs they have helped rescue over the past […]

Dora Finds a Home!

Dora went into a Homeward Bound foster home with two older adults who work at home (no kids at home). They were concerned at first about how she would do with their cats, but she has done well there. I’m pleased to announce that they decided to adopt her and she is there to stay! […]

Book Signing at “Thanks and Giving” Fundraiser, Minneapolis, Minnesota

8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog Book signing by Jenny Pavlovic: Sunday, November 16th, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Book signing at “Thanks and Giving” Fundraiser for Safe Hands Animal Rescue at Fetch Delivers Offices 2303 Kennedy Street NE, Suite 100 Minneapolis, MN 55413 $5 per […]

8 State Hurricane Kate Nominated for Dog Writers Association of America Awards!

8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog has been nominated for Dog Writers Association of America Awards in the “Self Published or Print on Demand” category and the special category “Merial Human-Animal Bond Award“! There are three nominees in each category. The winners will be announced in December. The […]

Bandit’s 5th Birthday

It’s getting late here, but I can’t go to bed without mentioning that it’s Bandit’s 5th birthday today. The only red ACD puppy for miles around, he found me just minutes after my old ACD-X Rusty died. Bandit, aka Hillhaven Bolt Outof the Blue HSAs CD RA, is good at everything–obedience, Rally, agility, herding sheep, […]

Cay’s 4th Week of School… and Chicken Thieving Again!

I’m so proud of Cay. It’s fun to see her finally, gradually come out of her shell. I have been working on teaching her the “silent down”, in which I tell her to sit, then lure her into a down. Eventually, she learns to anticipate that the next move from the sit will be a […]

Dora– 2 Year Old Red F ACD Looking for a Home in Minnesota

About a week and a half ago, I was contacted by a local all breed rescue about a red female Australian Cattle Dog that needed a new home. The rescue was overloaded and couldn’t take her, but wanted to find someone who could help. I was having one of those weeks that started with an […]

Handsome Blue Male ACD Found Running Loose in East Bethel, MN

A blue male Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) was found running loose in East Bethel, MN on October 30th. He was found with no microchip or ID. He has completed his 6 day impound period at a vet clinic in Maplewood, MN. Nobody has claimed him and they are looking for a rescue to take him in. I thought […]

A Message From Al’s Daughter Carolyn!

Remember Carolyn, the Katrina survivor who lost her dad in the flood just after the hurricane? She showed me around the NOLA area when I returned there in May. I just received a note from her about the book: I… have been wanting to really thank you for the 8 State Hurricane Kate Book… what I have read has […]